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My Garage Door will not run smoothly and has become noisy.

This is likely to be a maintenance issue and a service on your garage door and opener is required.

My Garage Door will not close all the way and keeps bouncing back up to the open position.

There may be something obstructing the door or possibly your opener limits need to be reset.

My Garage Door will not open when pressing the button on my remote.

More than likely your remote needs the battery replaced. If you have replaced the battery and the door is still not opening, then you will need to contact us to come have a look.

This could also indicate that you have a broken spring.

1. To test if the remote is working, press and hold a remote button. Check light status table to determine if battery needs replacing.

2. Use screwdriver to remove screw at the bottom back of the remote, once screw is removed use screwdriver or fingernail to separate the remote casing and expose circuit board.

3. Use a non-metallic object to push the battery down through the side opening to remove the battery. Once battery is removed you may then insert new battery and put casing back on.

4. You do not need to reprogram the remote after the replacing the battery. For any issues or assistance please phone our office on 03 341 3331.


My Sectional Garage door spring is broken. Can I replace these myself?

It is highly recommended and advisable that you do not carry out the repair or replacement of your garage door springs yourself. The repair should only be carried out by a Garage Door professional.

If you have two springs and only one has broken, it is advisable to replace them both.

How can I open my Garage Door when there is a power failure?

You can manually open the door by disengaging the Opener. Only disengage the Opener when the door is in the closed position.

To disengage the opener:

It is recommended to disengage the door when the door is in the closed position.

To re-engage the opener:

How do I code another remote for my opener?

You can code the remote to the opener yourself by following the instructions below.

Compatible with Nexgen openers: Focus GTS-1, Precision GTS-2 & Genius GTS-3

This information is also found in your owner's manual, for further assistance please phone us on 03 341 3331.

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