5 Garage Upgrades that add value

Check out our 5 top garage door upgrades to add value to your home.

1. Increased security & Improved safety

One of the first things a buyer will do when looking at a property is check out the neighbourhood and get a feel for security needs. Making a few security upgrades is always worth what it might cost, this list is a good place to start:

• Install security cameras. The garage is a prime target for thieves and should always be included in your security plan.

• Sensor lights deter thieves They are also convenient around your garage and simple to install.

• An entry keypad provides access to the garage or home via a pin number, removing the need for extra remotes and keys. It’s a good security solution to the problem of lost or stolen keys and remotes, achieving another tick off the list of security considerations for buyers.

• Install a garage door and opener with safety and security features such as these:

Tri-Tran+™ multi-frequency technology uses rolling codes that generate a new random code every time the garage door is operated for superior security with an excellent operating range. This way, the transmission can't be hacked by anyone trying to gain access to the home.

A Smartphone Control Kit enables you to operate and monitor your garage door via your phone from anywhere*. You can open or close the garage door, check to see if it is open or closed and get real-time alerts when the door is being used. 
* Subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability. Note - Kit includes Smart Hub & accessories. Phone not included.

Safety Infra-Red Beams can be fitted to your garage door and opener. They run across the opening so that if the beam is broken while the door is closing, the opener will stop and reverse the garage door without making contact. This safety precaution is especially important in households with young children or pets present. A safety beam is mandatory with all smartphone-operated garage doors.

2. Better garage door

This one’s a no-brainer where we’re concerned. A garage door can cover one-third of your street frontage, so if it looks good, it goes a long way to giving a good impression to buyers. What’s behind that door - quality components, reliability and backup service - ensures you, as a homeowner can benefit from the added value for many years after installation. With extensive warranties on all of our garage doors and openers, you can rely on your Garador to add value to your home.

3. Insulation

There are a bunch of good reasons why insulated garage doors are becoming our most popular choice amongst homeowners with attached garages. For a start, they work to reduce heat transfer and sound transfer in and out of your garage. The difference is noticeable immediately with road noise reduced and the temperature in the garage less likely to fluctuate wildly. With the cost of heating and cooling - in dollars and on the environment - becoming too much to bear, every little economy pays you dividends. But don’t just stop at the garage door. To really add value, plug gaps and insulate the entire garage to feel the effects throughout the home. A fully insulated home is a great selling point that signals a quality property.

4. Floor coverings

What a difference a floor makes! A lot of new builds include floor coverings in the garage but not all, and if you have an older home the garage is less likely to have a floor covering. The material options are plenty and often adding a floor covering can be a DIY job, but if you have the capacity to get carpet or epoxy professionally laid, the results will be well worth the cost. Below are a few options, for more detail take a look at our in-depth article here.

Interlocking tiles • peel-and-stick tiles • vinyl flooring • latex or acrylic paint • carpet • epoxy resin

5. Convert the garage into a room

If your garage is full of stuff you don't often use or you have ample off-street parking, perhaps you could add value to your home by converting the garage into a living space? Not only will an extra bedroom, office space, media room or teenage retreat add value to your home, but it will also serve to improve your lifestyle.

If you want to convert your garage to a bedroom, living room or media room, it will need to be re-classified from a non-habitable space to a habitable space, which requires a building consent. Contact your local council for details.

At Garador, we know that the typical Kiwi garage isn’t just for cars. We manufacture our garage doors to your specifications for the perfect fit and long-lasting performance. Every door is made with care and precision for increased security and ease of operation, and they’re smartphone compatible with our easy-to-use App.